Tintin and the Lake of Sharks HINDI Full Movie (1972)


Tintin is sent to guard Professor Calculus, who has invented a machine that can duplicate anything, and is staying in a village near the border of Syldavia and Bodouria. Rastapopoulous, an infamous and ruthless international criminal, tries to lure Calculus and Tintin away by kidnapping two children, who live nearby, in order to get his clutches on the machine.

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 HINDI Full Movie Full [HD] (2012)


Batman has not been seen for ten years. A new breed of criminal ravages Gotham City, forcing 55-year-old Bruce Wayne back into the cape and cowl. But, does he still have what it takes to fight crime in a new era?

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 Only On Toon Network India !

Celebrating 75 Years Of Batman!

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-- Other Batman Movies In HINDI --

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Scooby-Doo Goes Hollywood HINDI Full Movie (1979)


The gang goes to Hollywood as Scooby stars in his first film. When a creepy creature wants to put a stop to the film, Scooby must solve the mystery to ensure his star status remains intact.

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Scooby-Doo! and the Witch's Ghost HINDI Full Movie (1999)


The gang go to the small town of Oakhaven after they had accidentally met famous writer Ben Ravencroft at their last mystery. While there, Ben explains the history of a witch named Sarah Ravencroft which happens to be related to him, at the same time the Hex girls come to town bringing an audience there. The gang investigate the mysterious sightings while they are there which seems to be connected to the locals of the town which turns into something much more...

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Dreamworks Dragons: Defenders of Berk HINDI Episodes [HD]


Based on the hit movie "How to Train Your Dragon," DreamWorks' Dragons: Defenders of Berk follows Hiccup and his fellow dragon trainers as they battle to protect their island home. The young Vikings must put their dragon training skills to the test to defeat dangerous and surprising new enemies!

-Dreamworks Dragons: Defenders of Berk HINDI Episodes [HD]-

Hiccup and the gang start a secret club to prepare for the Outcast offensive.

When Meatlug accidentally ingests magnetic rocks, she becomes magnetic herself - causing destruction through the town, but ultimately helping the kids win a battle against the Outcasts.

The kids go on a dragon survival training mission to Dragon Island, where they encounter Dagur, the Berserker Chief, who has become obsessed with hunting the Night Fury.

NEW Episode Every Week!

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Doraemon 2007 Series- Gian Ka Birthday Part 1 & 2 [HD] Special


So It's Our Baddy Gian's Birthday Who Eats The Whole Cake Alone Without Even Sharing It!
Beats The Children On His Birthday And The Worst Part His SONG'S!

Watch Out The Gian's Birthday Right Here On TNI!

- Watch Gian Ka Birthday 2 Part Episode In HINDI [HD] -

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Doraemon 2007 Series- Nayi Duniya Ki Sair Part 1 & 2 [HD] 45min. Special


- Watch The First Ever 2 Part Episode In HINDI [HD] -

Doraemon  And Friends Found The Remains Of A City Below The Earth And Through Doraemon's Gadget They Go Back In Past To Find What The City Used To Look Like And Find The Treasure Hidden In The City But As Usual Things Go Wrong And Thus Our Friends Get Into Great Trouble Where Mayans Capture Shizuka And Warns Doraemon And His Friends If They Don't Fing Jeg Jaguar Before Sunset Then Shizuka Would Be Killed! 

So Would Nobita,Gian,Sunio,Doraemon,Dorami Find Jeg Jaguar Before Sunset And Can Shizuka Be Saved Find Out It In This 45 min. Special!

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ShinChan In Very Very Tasty Tasty In HINDI Full Movie [HD] (2013)


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Courage the Cowardly Dog HINDI Episodes


Loyal but incredibly timid,Courage must regularly defend his owners, Eustace and Muriel, from the paranormal elements that threaten their simple existence. Watch Full Episodes from the show only on Toon Network India.

--Courage the Cowardly Dog HINDI Episodes--


Shirley the Medium: A locked box, left behind by Eustace's late brother, Horst, defies the farmer's every attempt to open it. Through Shirley the Medium , a chihuahua gypsy, he contacts his brother for the key, despite Horst's warnings. As the cursed box releases a grabby terror, Courage pleads the Medium for assistance. 

King Ramses' Curse: A pair of thieves heist a precious, ancient slab, and are confronted with the spirit of its owner, King Ramses. Torn from their hands by Ramses' curse, the slab happens upon the Bagge home. Greedily unwilling to part with such a valuable treasure, the ghostly king ravages the farmhouse with a triad of curses.
The Clutching Foot: A fungus on Eustace's foot gains sentience and consumes him whole, becoming a quintet of old-fashioned mobsters. With his beloved Muriel threatened by the crushing extortion of the infections gangsters, Courage races for a cure. 

The Hunchback of Nowhere: A kind but hideous hunchback seeks refuge from the cold, rainy night. Spurned by Eustace, he hides away in the Bagges' barn, where Courage finds and befriends him. Eustace, jealous of the attention his family gives the guest, berates and belittles him, until he is shown what true ugliness is.
The Gods Must Be Goosey: A divine goose God falls in love with the portly Muriel. As he beckons her to a paradise above, Courage battles the heavenly gander for his irreplaceable owner. 

Queen of the Black Puddle: A single puddle remains eerily behind after a dark rainstorm, hiding a terrible secret. After its quiet queen steals Eustace away, Courage dives into her world to rescue his owner.
Everyone Wants to Direct: Dazzled by 'famous director' Benton Tarantella's guile and wit, the Bagges grant the grizzled director their basement for his movie. Learning the director's dark intent, Courage scrambles to prevent a ravenous resurrection. 

The Snowman Cometh: Faced with an inevitable, melting demise, the Last of the Snowmen laments his fate. But as he spies the Bagges, inexplicably on vacation in the Arctic, he plots to sap them of their anti-melting gene to stave off his own destruction.
The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Lovable Duckling: Inadvertently hatched by Eustace, a tiny duckling mistakes the farmer for his mother, and grows fiercely protective. Sensing its murderous intent upon his beloved Muriel, Courage battles the duckling for the safety of his owners. 

Heads of Beef: Courage and Eustace go out for hamburgers at a local diner run by a seemingly friendly couple of pigs. Wandering into their basement, however, Courage begins to think that it may not be cow's meat being served here.
Klub Katz: Marooned during a cruise, the Bagges once again run afoul of Katz. Transformed at his spa into machines designed to fight for Katz's amusement, Muriel places her hope of rescue on Courage. 

Now fried and headless, Courage's 1st nemesis, the alien chicken, comes back to Earth for his head.
Journey to the Center of Nowhere: Angered both by a drought and Muriel's use of eggplants in cooking, a humanized troupe of eggplants plot her downfall deep underground. 

Little Muriel: Muriel is sucked into a tornado and returns as a 3½-year-old, and Courage has to find a way to get her back to her correct age.
The Great Fusilli: The Great Fusilli, a reptile arrives in Nowhere, offering the Bagges' a chance to perform with him and become rich. As his dark intentions unfold he turns the Bagges into puppets, Courage must use Fusilli's own thespian vanity to best him.


The Magic Tree of Nowhere: A wish-granting tree grows by the farm, but Eustace grows jealous of all the attention it gets and wants to chop it down. Courage must then stop this from happening.
Robot Randy: Conforming to his race's whims, a large robot named Randy reluctantly travels to Earth and enslaves Courage, Eustace, and Muriel in order to prove to his people that he is not a failure. 

Episode 15a - The Curse of Shirley 
The Curse of Shirley: As a result of Eustace's cruelty, an angry Shirley lays a rain/thunder cloud curse upon Eustace.
Episode 15b - Courage in the Big Stinkin' City 
Courage in the Big Stinkin' City: The Bagges go to New York to perform, where a giant cockroach named Schwick offers to let them stay at his place until the show. Schwick forces Courage to fetch an "evil package" for him, or he will release his deadly pet. 

Family Business: A burglar claiming to be a relative breaks into the Bagges' house, but he suffers from multiple personality disorder and his attitude towards them changes. Courage, Muriel and Eustace are stuck with his schemes.
1,000 Years of Courage: Due to a meteor impacting the planet, Courage, Eustace and Muriel are hurtled a thousand years into a future inhabited by banana people. 

Courage Meets the Mummy: The mummy of a Mayan baker seeks revenge for the injustice that was done to him.
Invisible Muriel: Muriel becomes invisible when wears a magical gem. She is then captured by the government. Courage and Eustace, with the help of Dr. Vindaloo, set out to rescue her. 

Human Habitrail: Doc Gerbil captures Eustace and Muriel and uses them for an experiment for his weird products while Courage sets out to rescue them.
Mission to the Sun: The sun is about to go out, and Courage, Muriel and Eustace go to outer space to fix it. A small space creature named Mustafa al Bacterius goes inside Muriel's brain and starts making her go insane so that their mission ends up disastrous. 

Courage the Fly: Courage is turned into a fly by Di Lung, and must figure out how to save the Bagges' farm house, still in fly-form, before a giant satellite falls on it.
Katz Kandy: Katz is determined on winning the Nowhere Sweet-Stuff contest, and kidnaps Muriel in order to get her secret recipe. Meanwhile, Courage must defeat Katz in a staring contest. 

Nowhere TV: Le Quack hypnotizes Muriel and Eustace through television so they can be transformed into slaves and steal a large amount of lottery money to bring to him.
Mega Muriel the Magnificent: A thunderstorm causes Courage's computer to come to life. He downloads himself into Muriel to prove how daring and death-defying he can be, much to Courage's horror. 

Bad Hair Day: Dr. Vindaloo is bribed into telling Growth Industries that Muriel has a rare blood type, ABXYZ. Courage must rescue Muriel from the Growth Industry and Eustace's mother, Ma.
Forbidden Hat of Gold: Eustace finds Horst's map, leading to a hat made of gold, and takes Muriel and Courage along, leading them all into danger. 

Serpent of Evil River: The Bagges are suckered into a free cruise, only to be tricked into assisting the captain in capturing an opera-loving sea serpent named Carmen.
The Transplant: The Bagges find the bones of a giant kangaroo monster and when Eustace attempts to auction them to discoverers, he ends up twisting his spine. Dr. Vindaloo does a disc-transplant on Eustace, causing him to turn into a giant kangaroo monster himself. 

Car Broke, Phone Yes: An alien steals Muriel's kindness and Courage has to get it back or she will stay grumpy forever.
Cowboy Courage: Courage and Muriel fantasize that they were in the old west, with Courage playing the sheriff, Muriel as the bartender, and Eustace as the outlaw. 

Evil Weevil: Eustace hits a strange weevil with his truck, and Muriel invites it to stay over for dinner. Unfortunately, it soon begins sucking the Bagges' lives away.
McPhearson Phantom: Eustace and Muriel's marriage is tested when they are manipulated into turning against each other by a crafty phantom and an unlikely accomplice, Ma. 

The House of Discontent: The spirit of the harvest moon appears one night, demanding the Bagges to leave since Eustace can't seem to grow anything on their land.
The Sand Whale Strikes: A sand whale mistakes Eustace for his dead father, Eickett, and demands on giving back his accordion he swindled from him.


Muriel Meets Her Match: A young lady named Maria Ladrones and her husband, who is just a hand (named Mano Ladrones), comes to Muriel's house when the TV needs fixing Muriel and Eustace are unaware the couple are criminals. Eustace goes in the van to watch their TV. Maria tells Muriel she loves her look and asks Muriel to give her a makeover so she can look just like her, Muriel cuts off Maria's long black hair, dyes it gray and perms it, as a result Maria now looks like an old woman, she then asks Muriel if she can borrow one of her dresses, afterwards Maria looks exactly like Muriel. She then steals Muriel's birth certificate. When Maria and Mano steal a diamond, the police think Muriel did it because Maria looked like Muriel. Courage must clear up Muriel's name.
Courage vs. Mecha-Courage: Di Lung feels that Courage isn't a good enough dog, and eventually builds a mechanical version of him, which replaces him in the family. 

Campsite of Terror: Muriel, Eustace and Courage go to a campsite for the weekend, and Muriel is kidnapped by two orphaned raccoons. Courage must save her as well as the raccoons who are trying not to be captured by Eustace, who wants to get a $50,000 reward.
Record Deal: While cleaning out her junk, Shirley finds a mystic Velvet Vic record and when she throws it out, Eustace finds it. But when he listens to it, the actual Velvet Vic comes out of the player and traps Muriel instead of him in the Velvet Vic record, so Courage must get help from Shirley who can tell him how to get Muriel out of the record. 

Stormy Weather: A storm goddess who mistakes Courage to be her dog, Duncan, decides to take him, making Muriel furious, and the goddess' rage causes violent storms to occur. Courage must find Duncan before it is too late.
The Sandman Sleeps: The Sandman is having trouble sleeping at night, so he takes Muriel's sleeping sand, causing Muriel to have insomnia. Courage must find the Sandman and get her sleeping sand back. He also realizes that in order to get Muriel's sleeping sand back, Courage must find the Sandman's childhood toy. 

Hard Drive Courage: The computer develops a virus and it traps Muriel inside the computer. Courage must go into the computer world to bring her back.
The Ride of the Valkyries: While the Bagges are on holiday, three Valkyries mistake Muriel as their sister and carry her off into the sky where they will fight against the trolls on the next day. Courage sets out to win Muriel back. 

Scuba-Scuba Doo: While on a tropical island, Courage and Muriel discover a underwater city made of coral. There, they befriend the citizens. Meanwhile, Eustace informs Ma that there are small creatures living in the coral. Ma decides that the coral there can make fine wigs, and sets off to destroy the coral city and evict the creatures of their coral for her wig factory. 
Conway the Contaminationist: A strange elderly man named Conway moves in with the Bagges, and he changes their lives when he assists them to live in a life of filth, causing a potential biohazard.

Katz Under the Sea: When Muriel and Courage go on a submarine on their vacation, they do not realize it is being run by one of their old enemies, Katz.
Curtain of Cruelty: When a strange pink curtain is going through Nowhere making the citizens cruel and mean, Courage finds out that all of this is caused by Professor Mean, who is cruel and unhappy, and wants everyone else to be cruel and unhappy.

Feast of the Bullfrogs: Bullfrogs who have had all the water in their pond dried up start to invade the Bagges' house for water. There they enslave Courage, Muriel, and Eustace and force them to act like frogs.
Tulip's Worm: Two alien teddy bears blast the citizens out of sight when they are looking for a giant worm. Courage discovers the worm outside of the farmhouse, and it reacts whenever he plays a tuba. The space bears come to the scene, and reveal that the little worm is actually a space worm owned by an intergalactic human girl named Tulip. As Muriel and the two teddy bears are eaten by the beast, Courage must take the worm to outer space before Muriel and the bears are digested.

After leaving a county fair, the Bagges get lost through a cornfield and crash into a scarecrow. They take him home where Muriel fixes him up and makes him a mouth so he can talk. He soon becomes depressed when he is not scary enough to frighten away Muriel's attackers, so he decides to train himself to be a much stronger and scarier scarecrow.

Mondo Magic: Muriel feels she is being watched by someone, and Courage discovers a magic kit on the porch, and after doing tricks with it, a magician named Mondo comes out and shows off his magic. He is soon discovered to be a hideous creature who traps Eustace in the TV and making Muriel his bride by turning her into the same creature. 
Watch the Birdies: When Muriel gets abducted by a giant mother bird, it tells her to look after its three babies or she will be eaten. Courage must aid Muriel in keeping the babies safe.

Fishy Business: A fish missionary arrives at the farmhouse, believing that the Bagges are unfit to live on the land, and the fish court forces them to live in a fish bowl with gills. 
Angry Nasty People: Benton Tarantella, the zombie director, returns to convince the Bagges to star in his latest sitcom Angry Nasty People.

Dome of Doom: After a drought, the Bagges are unable to grow food. But when they read an ad of free food, they order it. However the plant fruits and vegetables are carnivorous and attempt to eat the Bagges.
Snowman's Revenge: After the North Pole faces heat and everything melts, the snowman creates a mechanical mitten that allows the user to produce snow at will. He moves in the Bagges's farm and freezes it, causing extreme coldness upon them.

The Quilt Club: Muriel and Courage go to a quilt shop and meet conjoined twin sisters Elisa Stitch and Eliza Stitch, and Muriel wants to be a part of their quilt club, so she goes to an extreme quilt-making test to join them. But Courage starts smelling something fishy.
Swindlin' Wind: Eustace, Muriel and Courage go to Shirley's Shop, where Muriel sees a necklace she wants. Eustace gives Shirley an oil deed for the necklace, but she realizes that it's an oil bill. Shirley gets upset for being ripped off, and casts a spell on Eustace and Muriel that causes them to swindle each other, and it's up to Courage to break the spell.

King of Flan: The King of Flan uses television to hypnotize everyone in Nowhere to eat as much flan as possible. As the citizens of Nowhere become addicted to flan (and become horribly fat), Courage must stop the King before he leads the city to a path of obesity and doom. 
Courage Under the Volcano: Eustace, Muriel and Courage crash down on an island, and are welcomed by a native chief. The citizens dress Muriel in their special native clothing so she can be sacrificed to the Volcano God, who is causing the island to shake. Courage must go inside the volcano and talk to the god before the natives drop Muriel in the volcano.


A Beaver's Tale: When the local river floods Nowhere, Courage must locate the source of the disaster. When it turns out that a beaver's dam is causing it, Courage helps the beaver follow his dreams rather than build dams. 
The Nutcracker: The Bagges go to the junkyard to hunt for useful trash, and Courage finds a nutcracker. Two man-eating rats want to feast on Muriel and Eustace. After Eustace is captured, Courage must get Muriel away from the rats.

Rumpledkiltskin: Muriel's "Uncle Angus" invites her to Scotland, where he imprisons her and demands that she makes thousands of kilts. Courage must learn Uncle's real name and free Muriel. 
House Calls: Lonely Dr. Gerhart wants some neighbors, but his old and envious house fends them away. He "brings" the Bagges' farm next to his house, but Gerhart's house intends on destroying the Bagges' home. Courage then has to find a way to please Gerhart's house.

Le Quack Balloon: Le Quack kidnaps Muriel and puts her on a hot air balloon. He teaches her to bungee-jump from the balloon so she can grab a Swedish ingredient for her food, but he is tricking her so he can rob the Swedish national piggy bank instead. 

The Uncommon Cold: Muriel seeks a cure for her unusual cold among some swamp-slugs enslaved by a snake named Big Bayou. The cure lies in Big Bayou's book, which Courage must steal in order to heal Muriel and free the slugs. 
Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted: Eustace tries to prove that he can hunt to his dead brother, Horst. But the deer families are tired of being hunted and the father deer decides to hunt Eustace instead. Courage hosts a game show to see who gets to shoot who.

Bride of Swamp Monster: Muriel buys a necklace, and puts her picture inside, but she loses the pendant in a local swamp. The Swamp Monster finds it and believes Muriel is his long-lost bride. Courage must locate the real bride of the Swamp Monster, and reconcile the long-lost lovers in order to get Muriel back. 
Goat Pain: Muriel sprains her back, and the only cure is a hot spring on top of Mt. Nowhere. The peak is guarded by a super-powerful goat angry at people for clogging the spring with trash, and Courage has to get past the goat and somehow restore the spring.

Muriel Blows Up: A missile strikes the farm, mutating a carrot in the garden. When Muriel eats it, she begins to grow. Courage must figure out a way to get to the general and disarm the device before time runs out. 
Profiles in Courage: Courage, Muriel and Eustace go to a county fair and have their silhouettes drawn. When the silhouettes come to life later that night and replace Muriel and Eustace, Courage must convince the creatures it's more fun to be paper than people.

Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog: A Chinese empress wants to grind up Muriel's bones. Courage wants to save Muriel, but he must pass through a series of deadly tests first. 
Muted Muriel: Muriel has had enough of Eustace not listening to her, and she decides not to talk to him again. Courage visits Shirley and asks her if she can make her talk.

Aqua-Farmer: Unimpressed by Jojo the Dolphin's performance at a local aquarium, Eustace challenges the sea mammal to a race, losing pathetically. He demands a rematch, staking his wife as the prize of the race. 
Food of the Dragon: A seafood dinner attracts a dragon who hasn't learned to fly. He's determined to eat Eustace and Muriel unless Courage can teach him to fly.

The Last of the Starmakers: A pregnant space-faring squid who creates stars lands on the Bagge farm. Eustace wants to sell the eggs to the military for research. Courage has to save the eggs and the mother squid to keep the heavens twinkling. 
Son of the Chicken from Outer Space: The three-headed son of Courage's 1st nemesis shows up, trying to fulfill a vow to destroy Courage, but Courage is more resourceful than the chicken anticipated.

Courageous Cure: A race of multi-limbed aliens arrive on Earth, seeking a cure for a virus which causes them to keep punching themselves. They experiment on Muriel and Eustace by letting them grow more hands.

Wrath of the Librarian: Courage finds a two year overdue book. When he decides to return it, he does not have enough money for the $10,000 fee. The librarian casts a spell on Muriel and Eustace, turning them into the characters from the book until Courage finds enough money to pay the fee for the book.

Episode 52ab - Remembrance of Courage Past / Perfect (Last Episode Of Courage the Cowardly Dog In HINDI!)
Remembrance of Courage Past: Courage's mysterious past comes to light, when his parents were sent to space by a veterinarian. When Muriel and Eustace notice he is not responding, still haunted by that treacherous event, they take him to the same vet that sent his parents into space, unaware that the vet is now going to send the first humans to the moon, which will be Muriel and Eustace. Courage must save them after realizing that Muriel has become a major character in his life, besides his parents. 
Perfect: When Courage cannot do anything correctly, the "Teacher" approaches him who is the manifestation of Courage's own doubts and insecurities that have plagued him. She trains him strictly into becoming a perfect dog, but as the series finale ends, Courage learns that there is no such thing as perfect.

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Doraemon 2014 HINDI Mixed Episodes


Get A Mixed And Spicy Collection From Hungama TV & Disney Channel Of All New Animation  Episodes To The Days When Doraemon Was Just Started! Get This Overdose Now!

Episodes From Hungama And Disney Mixed Collection 2014!

Episode 09- Taana Baata Wish Rocket!
Episode 10- Weight Reducing Gun!
Episode 11- Mini Dora And Mr.Cat Paws! 
Episode 12- Doraemon Ka Rival 
Episode 13- Donjara Village (Special) 
Episode 14- A Hand Glider For Kids 
Episode 15- Get Together In The Stone Age 
Episode 16- The 3D Plane 
Episode 17- Three Times Speed Sticker (Special) 
Episode 18- Aaj Hum Banaenge Movie (Mega-Special) 
Episode 19- Copy Crane 
Episode 20- Forget Stick (Special) 
Episode 21- Fresh Mood Fan 
Episode 22- Image Light Cap 
Episode 23- Nature In The Room 
Episode 24- Nobita Mila DadiJi Se (Special) 
Episode 25- Nobita Robinson Cruso (Special) 
Episode 26- Small Elephant HanaChan 
Episode 27- Watch Out For The Body Gaurd 
Episode 28- Secret Dustbin 
Episode 29- Aaj Sab Jayenge Ghumne Doraemon Ke Bina (Mega-Special) 
Episode 30- (2007 Series) Humne Ki Ek Nayi Duniya Ki Sair- Part 1 (Mega-Special) 
Episode 31- (2006 Series) Hum Nikle Hain Nobita Ko Dundne (Mega-Special) 
Episode 32- (2006 Series) Humara Paani Ka Ghar 
Episode 33- Holograph Machine 
Episode 34- Woodcutter's Pond 
Episode 35- Nobita Ka Secret Underground Base 
Episode 36- The Rock Command Plate 
Episode 37- (2006 Series) Aaj Hum Dekhenge Rope Of Justice Ka Kamaal 
Episode 38- (2006 Series) Mini Hot Air Balloon 
Episode 39- (2007 Series) Nobita Ko Sonna Bahot Pasaand Hai 
Episode 40- (2006 Series) Humne Banae Plastic Models
Episode 41- (2007 Series) Sheeshe Ke Bina Hamara Kya Hoga
Episode 42- (2007 Series) Shikzuka Bani Jadugarni 
Episode 43- (2007 Series) Happy Birthday Shizuka 
Episode 44- (2007 Series) Nobita Ne Ki Dekisugi Ki Cheating 
Episode 45- Functional Mini Car Set (Special) 
Episode 46- Nobita Karega Doraemon Ki Servicing (Mega-Special) 
Episode 47- (2006 Series) Ek Pyaari Billi 
Episode 48- (2007 Series) Nobita Karega Fishing 
Episode 49- (2007 Series) Nobita Ki Bachpan Ki Dost 
Episode 50- (2007 Series) Gian Manaega Apna Birthday! 
Episode 51- (2007 Series) Jaiko Ko Likni Hai Ek Story 
Episode 52- Fountain Of Age Rope 
Episode 53- Steam Locomotive Chimney 
Episode 54- (2006 Series) Nobita Ko Chahiye Ek Chutti! 
Episode 55- Nobita Lautega Apne Bachpan Mein! (Mega-Special) 
Episode 56- Aaj Hum Cheetiyo Ke Duniya Mein Jayenge! (Mega-Special) 
Episode 57- (2007 Series) Mom Ne Sikaya Ek Sabak 
Episode 58- (2007 Series) Nobita Ne Sika Ek Sabak 
Episode 59- (2007 Series) Nobtia Karega Ghar Ke Kaam 
Episode 60- (2007 Series) Doraemon Ne Ki Dosti 
Episode 61- (2007 Series) Nobita Ne Banaya Ek Bada Ghar
Episode 62- (2007 Series) Nobita Aur Shizuka Ki Dosti!
Episode 63- Kya Nobita Ke Purvaj Bhi Ussi Ki Tarah Aalsi The? (Mega-Special) 
Episode 64- (2003 Series) Samurai Shadow Lamp! 
Episode 65- (2003 Series) Samurai Hair-Do! 
Episode 66- Nobita Ki Sapno Ki Duniya! (Mega-Special) 
Episode 67- Humne Dunda Ek Naya Shaher! (Mega-Special) 
Episode 68- Khazane Ki Khoj! (Mega-Special)
Episode 69- (2007 Series) Blessing Halo! 
Episode 70- (2007 Series) Milenge Pichde Dost! 
Episode 71- (2007 Series) Nobita Ki Film! 
Episode 72- (2007 Series) Mini Black-Hole! 
Episode 73- (2007 Series) Mom Ki Hui Billi Se Dosti! 
Episode 74- Day Changing Chalk (Special)
Episode 75- New Species Book 
Episode 76- Nobita Ka Pet Ek Vaccum Cleaner! (Special) 
Episode 78- Aaj Hum Banaenge Plastic Model Tapu (Mega-Special) 
Episode 79- (2007 Series) Confidence Shaker! 
Episode 80- (2007 Series) Bad Luck Diamond! 
Episode 81- (2007 Series) Dost Ho Toh Aise!
Episode 82- (2007 Series) Ghar Ko Banaenge Beach 
Episode 83- (2007 Series) Gian Karega Sabki Madad! 
Episode 84- (2007 Series) Nobita Banega Superhero! 
Episode 85- (2007 Series) Sunio Ne Sikha Ek Sabak 
Episode 86- Nobita Ko Hogi Apni Gaalti Ka Ahesas (Mega-Special) 
Episode 87- Nobita Ko Mila Naye Saal Ka Gift (Special) 
Episode 88- Rain Man Sunny Man Meter! 
Episode 89- Reservation Chip!
Episode 90- (2003 Series) Doraemon Shockstar (1 Hour Special) 
Episode 91- Animal World (Special)
Episode 92- Daruma Doll (Special) 
Episode 93,94- (2007 Series) [HD] Humne Ki Ek Nayi Duniya Ki Sair-Part 1, Hum Jayenge Ek Nayi Duniya Main-Part 2 (45 Min Special) 
Episode 95- (2007 Series) Ek Pyaari Billi! [HD] 
Episode 96- (2007 Series) Gian Karega Nobita Ki Suraksha! [HD] 
Episode 97,98- (2007 Series) Gian Ka Birthday Part 1 & 2! [HD] 
Episode 99- (2004 Series) Head Hunting! 
Episode 100- (2004 Series) Mini Dora's Milenge Kiray Par! 
Episode 101- Mini Dora's UFO Stratergy! 
Episode 102- (2004 Series) Gian The Visionary 
Episode 103- (2007 Series) Aaj Toh Baal Baal Baach Gaye 
Episode 104- (2007 Series) Nobtia Ban Gaya Chalak 
Episode 105- (2004 Series) The Acting Batch 
Episode 106- (2004 Series) The Branding Potato 
Episode 107- (2004 Series) The Will Power Bandana 
Episode 108- Soap Bubble Helmet 
Episode 109- Nobita Banega Santa Claus (Mega Special) 
Episode 110- Retroactive Photo Album 
Episode 111- Switching Place Gun
Episode 112- (2007 Series) Dramatic Cap
Episode 113- (2007 Series) People Poster Ink And Paper
Episode 114- Lazy New Year Set (Special) 
Episode 115- Double Trouble (Mega-Special) 
Episode 116- (2007 Series) Billio Ne Udai Gian Ki Khilli 
Episode 117- (2007 Series) Flooding Pool Maker 
Episode 118- (2007 Series) Nobita Hogaya Famous 
Episode 119- (2007 Series) Saab Baan Gaye Aalsi 
Episode 120- Aaj Hum Karenge Dinosaur Ki Khoj (Mega-Special) 
Episode 121- (2007 Series) Athletic House 
Episode 122- Crabby Grabber 
Episode 123- Let Gian's Singing Be Heard! 
Episode 124- Little Word Spirit 
Episode 125- Chhote Se Cup Mein Badi Si Duniya (Mega-Special) 
Episode 126- Santa Claus Ke Bag Mein Kya Hain ?? (Mega-Special) 
Episode 127- (2007 Series) Ye Hain Hanao Ki Kahani! (Mega-Special) 
Episode 128- (2007 Series) Najaane Mom Ko Kya Hogaya 
Episode 129- Sherlock Holmes 3 Piece Set! NEW
Episode 130- Ghost In A Cup NEW
Episode 131- Nobita Desires To Be Evil NEW
Episode 132- Owner Seeking Machine NEW
Episode 133- Santa Chimney NEW

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Shin Chan 2014 New Episodes In HINDI


-Shinchan 2014 New Episodes In HINDI-
Episode 01 -Shin Chan Special- Baap Re Baap 
Episode 02 -Aaj Hum Jayenge Asahi Tv 
Episode 03 -Dad Ka Hoga Class Reunion 
Episode 04 -Kazama Ko Kamiyabi Zaroor Milegi 
Episode 05 -Aaj Yoshinaga Mam Ghar Ayengi 
Episode 06 -Daane Daane Pe Likha Hain Khanne Wale Ka Naam!
Episode 07 -Ye Hai Mera Pyaara Ghar 
Episode 08 -Aaj Saari Mom's Karengi Meeting 
Episode 09 -Aaj Dad Milenge Shinko Se 
Episode 10 -Aaj Hum Banaenge Snowman! 
Episode 11 -Himawari Ki Nayi Dress!
Episode 12 -Aaj Ghar Pe Aaenge Nanaji (Special) 
Episode 13 -Misae Mausi Aaj Banaengi PanCakes 
Episode 14 -Aakhir Masao Ka Bettle Gaya Kaha ?? NEW
Episode 15 -Shinchan Ko Chahiye Juice Aur Woh Bhi Abhi! NEW
Episode 16 -Aaj Hum Karenge Naye Teacher Ki Madad NEW
Episode 17 -Naye Dost Ko Shn Sikaega Football Khelna NEW
Episode 18 -Aaj Naneko Didi Aur Shn Jayenge Walk Pe NEW
Episode 19 -Aaj Hum Khelenge Football Ka Game NEW
Episode 20 -Shinchan Ki Pyaari Himawari NEW
Episode 21 -Dad Baan Gaye Expander Master! NEW

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Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors HINDI Episodes (Season 3)


Ultimate Spider-Man Season 3 -Web Warriors HINDI Episodes

Episode 53: Avenging Spider-Man, Part 1 
Episode Links --> DTHRip : WebRip
Loki joins forces with Doctor Octopus to destroy the Avengers and their newest member, Spider-Man.

Episode 54: Avenging Spider-Man, Part 2 
Episode Links --> DTHRip : WebRip
After a case of mistaken identity, Spider-Man must convince his old team that he's the real Spider-Man before he is destroyed by his new team, the Avengers. 

While trying to become a crime fighter, Flash Thompson gets permanently bonded with Venom, and it's up to Spidey to rescue his one-time school bully from the attentions of Venom, Beetle and Taskmaster.

Spider-Man wants to recruit Cloak and Dagger as new warriors for his S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Complicating the matter, however, are Dormammu taking control of Cloak and Dr. Strange in an attempt to invade Earth, and Cloak and Dagger's own trust issues.

Science genius Amadeus Cho proves perfect to operate the Iron Spider armor. The only trouble is he's Peter Parker's class rival. Can they work together to prevent the theft of the armor by Taskmaster?

A mysterious thief known as The Vulture has been causing trouble. Spider-Man decides to track him down, and discovers he's a young man who has trouble remembering his past.

Note- This Series Is Telecasted Before US Release ( August 31 ) In India Because Of Which HD Episodes Wouldn't Be Available ,Only 480p Would Be Available On Toon Network India! As They Arent Coming On iTunes Store Until August 31.

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