Ben 10: Alien Force HINDI Episodes

Ben 10: Alien Force is set five years after the original series. The second series is quite different from the first one: the story-line is notable for having matured the character and taking a darker tone, with more complex plots, more characters dying, and much less humor; also the original logo has changed from the original series. This change received mixed reactions from the fans, and caused a division amongst them. Despite this, Ben 10: Alien Force's ratings were successful, allowing the production of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, takes place one year later.

:Ben 10 Alien Force HINDI Episodes:

Gwen's older brother, Ken, is missing and Gwen asks for Ben and Kevin's help to find him. In their search, the gang stumbles upon a Highbreed base in a small town called Santa Mira that manufactures Xenocytes: headcrab-like parasites that mutate humans into DNAliens. Ken has been infected by one of the Xenocytes, but Ben is able to remove it with the help of the voice-automated Omnitrix. With Ken in tow, the gang finds Grandpa Max inside the base. He explains that the Xenocyte eggs will be shipped across the country, and asks the gang to destroy them. While they comply, he sets about destroying the factory while searching for the egg-laying machine. The gang finds Max locked in battle with a Highbreed Commander upon their return. In an act of self-sacrifice, Max uses an unfocused Null Void warp projector to destroy the Highbreed base. With his last words, he tells Ben to "Take it from here". Then everything and everyone, except Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Ken, is sent to the Null Void. In the aftermath, a group of disguised DNAliens are shown gathering surviving Xenocytes from the wreckage of the base. 

While Gwen, Ben, and Kevin are taking a break at Grandpa Max’s favorite fishing spot, they see a mysterious cloaked woman leave a flower made of pure mana energy at the base of Max’s favorite tree. When the team tries to meet her, she disappears. They decide to stake out the area for a while until the woman shows up again. The wait for 3 nights, and their patience is rewarded. The woman shows up, and is able to beat both Ben and Kevin in battle. However, when she sees Gwen use her powers, she’s amazed. As it turns out, Gwen’s “magic” powers are in fact inherited from the strange woman, who turns out to be Ben and Gwen’s grandmother, Verdona, who is an energy being known as an Anodite. After getting the full story from Gwen’s parents, Verdona offers to take Gwen back to her home planet, Anodyne, where she can learn how to reach the full and maximum potential of her powers (which would require seventy-five years). Gwen tells Verdona that she cannot leave her friends, not while the Earth is in such danger. Verdona then transforms into her true Anodite form, and decides to destroy Gwen's human body, thus releasing the Anodite inside. After a short battle, Gwen firmly tells Verdona that she wants to stay on Earth and stay the way she is, saying that it’s what Max would have wanted. Verdona accepts this and leaves, though she promises to check up on Gwen occasionally to see how she is doing.  

Kevin has arranged a meeting for Ben with the Forever Knights, who need help in slaying a dragon they have kept captive underneath their castle for 1,000 years. Slaying the dragon is the very reason their organization exists. After teaming up with the Knight’s mightiest warrior, Sir Connor, in a failed attempt to destroy the dragon, Ben notices that the dragon appears to be trying to communicate. Using Humungousaur to scare information out of one of the Knights, the team leaves the Knights behind and tracks the dragon to a warehouse where its spaceship is being held. Ben as Spidermonkey fits the dragon with a universal translator so it can speak, and it reveals that he is an alien mapmaker, but was captured by the Forever Knights. Angry after a millennium of imprisonment, the dragon arms itself to fight back. Ben convinces it to leave peacefully. Though the Knights believe to have lost their purpose, the news that a world full of dragons exists renews their pledge, as does their need to exact revenge on those who allowed it to return home.  

Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are sent to investigate an attack by Pyroxivors (a race of subterranean alien cattle) on an oil drilling operation. Deep underground, they discover the humanoid mole-like alien named Moldywarp, their owner. He explains that the creatures were driven above ground by Vulkanus, who has been secretly drilling into the Earth's depths. He plans to drop a bomb into the earth's core, thereby raising the temperature of Earth to match that of his home planet. Ben manages to stop the bomb before it can reach the core, and Moldywarp uses his cache of explosives to seal the cavern permanently.   

Episode 30- Fools Gold 
A species of humanoid Pygmy goat-like aliens come to Earth for a Popcorn Festival in Walton. These aliens feed on popcorn and produce solid gold poop, which keeps the town running. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are called in by one of the aliens named Orb, who has lost track of his friend, Decka. Mayor Coleman has kidnapped Decka in hopes of having a constant supply of gold, but when he feeds the alien meat, he morphs into his primal form that will multiply uncontrollably if it absorbs enough energy. After being told that the species cannot digest silicon, Ben sacrifices himself by feeding Decka an army of Echo Echos, causing him to vomit up everything he ate, including Ben, and return to normal. He and Orb then leave in their ships, with an angry Decka stating that he will tell everyone what Mayor Coleman did to them and they will never come back. Kevin gives Gwen a locket to remember his human form by before the accident. Though Gwen assures him that she does not care what he looks like, Kevin is adamant in his self-loathing. 

Episode 31- Simple NEW
After receiving a message from a five-year-old alien named Probity, Ben convinces Kevin and Gwen to help end a war on the child's home planet. The two sides are bent on war, however; even kidnapping and threatening the respective generals, who are themselves too stubborn to reach an agreement, fails. Ben transforms into Way Big so he may speak to the entire planet at once, but inadvertently worsens the situation when he accidentally destroys the planet's hero's statue. This ironically unites the entire planet in its hate for Ben. Meanwhile, Kevin who has been selling weapons to either side, along with Argit, decides to run with the profits he has made but is instead forced to leave the money behind. The money is discovered by Probity (who was dissatisfied with Ben's attempts to stop the war, her initial admiration turning into hatred).  

Episode 32- Don't Fear the Repo NEW
Rhomboid and Octagon Vreedle are hired to return Ship to his "parent" Baz-L. Ben and Kevin travel to Coda to dispute Baz-L's claim to Ship (since Baz-L himself had conceded ownership of Ship to Ben and Julie in "Pier Pressure") while Gwen and Julie, with Ship as a Galvanic Mechomorph suit for her, stay behind to hold off the Vreedle Brothers. Ben convinces Judge Domstol to rule in his favor and they arrive on Earth in time to save Ship and defeat the Vreedle Brothers. Despite his reluctance, Baz-L accepts that Ship belongs to Julie now. 

Episode 33- Singlehanded NEW
A alien bounty hunter named Sunder attempts to remove the Omnitrix from Ben. His energy axe reacts with the Omnitrix, sending Ben into the Null Void but with his left hand still on Earth, connected by a dimensional rift. Ben's hand, acting of its own accord, locates Julie, who takes it to Gwen and Kevin. While Kevin works to reunite Ben with his hand, Julie and Gwen hold off Sunder. They use the hand to fight off Sunder while Kevin builds a device to return Ben to Earth. In a twist of irony, Ben is brought back on Earth while his hand is sent to the Null Void. Using Sunder's axe in combination with his own device, Kevin restores Ben and Sunder is sent to the Null Void. 

Episode 34- If All Else Fails NEW
An earthquake wakes a Highbreed officer, who was put into stasis and only to be awakened if the Highbreed lost the war. Under his orders, he triggers a weapon of last resort meant to destroy Earth. Mind-controlling seeds take over Grandpa Max and four others, using Max as the brain for a living bomb that will end all life on the planet. The Highbreed officer refuses to believe Ben's claims of peace, and won't divulge how to stop the creature. While Gwen and Kevin try to slow it down, Ben enlists the aid of Reinrassic III to get the Highbreed officer to cooperate. Unable to stop the monster from the outside, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin sneak inside the monster to destroy it within. They manage to save the humans being used as its brain and the Highbreed officer sacrifices himself to dispose of the creature safely. 

Episode 45 - The Final Battle: Part 1 Full HD  (Season Finale)
Vilgax and Albedo return and team up to kidnap Kevin and Gwen so that they can take down their sole strongest enemy, Ben Tennyson.

Episode 46 - The Final Battle: Part 2 Full HD (Season Finale)
Ben gives up the Omnitrix and overcomes seemingly impossible odds to defeat Vilgax who has betrayed Albedo.


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