Ben 10: Alien Force HINDI Episodes

15-year-old Ben Tennyson must utilize the Omnitrix yet again in order to locate his missing Grandpa Max, accompanied by his cousin Gwen and former enemy Kevin 11.

:Ben 10 Alien Force HINDI Episodes:

-- Season 01 In HINDI--

Having enjoyed a normal life for several years, Ben dons the Omnitrix once again when Grandpa Max suddenly goes missing.

As Ben adjusts to the new Omnitrix, the team searches for clues to the alien plot on Earth hoping to find Grandpa Max.

A signal from Kevin's Plumber badge leads Ben's team to a cornfield where local police pursue a Pyronite-human hybrid they blame for crop circles and recent area fires.

While making repairs to the Rustbucket, Kevin steals it. He plans to use it as collateral for some other technology, but it gets stolen from him. Ben and Gwen go after Kevin.

Episode 06- Max Out
Ken, Gwen's brother, stops in a small town for engine repairs and disappears. Grandpa Max arrives first to find him, Ben and the others soon after. They learn more about the alien conspiracy, and a heavy price will be paid to stop it.

Ben goes out on a date. All does not go as well as he'd like when objects start attacking him and he's forced to go hero to protect himself, all the while trying to keep his secret from his date.

While visiting Grandpa Max's favorite fishing hole along with Kevin, Ben and Gwen encounter a sorceress - their paternal grandmother.

School bully Cash acquires some alien tech that Kevin kept as a souvenir in his car, which transforms Cash into a bully with whom only Ben can reckon.

An abandoned military base leads to an encounter with a self-proclaimed hero and a mysterious creature that ages people and objects. The team must stop the creature and help the hero who claims they've met before and will meet again.

A dragon escapes from the Forever Knights, and they ask Ben for help tracking down/killing the beast. The team learns why the Knights were formed. The hunt for the dragon reveals other surprises.

Two Plumber offspring are taking down all aliens. Now they have their sites set on Ben's team, forcing the team to fight two of Ben's old alien forms - Four Arms and XLR8.

Episode 13- X = Ben + 2 Season 01 Finale 
When an alien emperor deems to destroy Earth due to the disappearance of his daughter, Ben must use Alien X to restore order, but not everything goes according to plan.


When the team turns to Cooper to get Kevin's transporter device working properly, they find their young friend has been abducted. Finding him leads to a well-hidden DNAlien base.

Episode 20 - Grounded
What would happen if Ben's parents found out about his anti-DNAlien exploits and Omnitrix adventures? He's about to find out.

Helen of the Plumbers' Helpers calls Gwen, pleading for help, so Ben goes into the Null Void alone to assist her, finding an old enemy with new powers - and other surprises.

Tyler, a man fighting against DNAlien programming, struggles to regain lost memories and convince local authorities of a hostile alien presence.

Ben decides to help an arachnachimp on his lunar quest for a crystal.


Episode 30- Fools Gold 
Alien Spring Break at a town's Popcorn Festival occurs every 17 years. When one alien goes missing, Max sends the team to find the wayward alien.

Episode 31- Simple 
An alien girl asks for Ben's help to end a war that's lasted for years.

Episode 32- Don't Fear the Repo 
Ship's owner decides he wants him back and hires some Repo men to retrieve Ship. Ben and Kevin go to court to take care of things legally, leaving Gwen and Julie to face the Repo men.

Episode 33- Singlehanded 
A retriever who specializes in obtaining rare goods comes after the Omnitrix. He manages to get the Omnitrix and part of Ben. Ben is sent elsewhere fighting to survive, while his friends try to figure a way to bring Ben back.

Episode 34- If All Else Fails 
A sleeper Highbreed awakens, unaware of the war's resolution, he begins his failsafe mission to destroy the Earth.

Episode 45 - The Final Battle: Part 1 Full HD  (Season Finale)
Vilgax and Albedo return and team up to kidnap Kevin and Gwen so that they can take down their sole strongest enemy, Ben Tennyson.

Episode 46 - The Final Battle: Part 2 Full HD (Season Finale,Last Episode Of Ben 10 AF In HINDI)
Ben gives up the Omnitrix and overcomes seemingly impossible odds to defeat Vilgax who has betrayed Albedo.


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