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Kung Fu Panda:Legend Of Awesomeness In HINDI On SONIC [1080p, 720p HD]

Your favorite characters from DreamWorks Animation’s hit movie Kung Fu Panda are back in this awesome animated series that chronicles the continuing adventures of Po, the lovable panda who’s ever-vigilant and always hungry. Together with Master Shifu and the Furious Five — Tigress, Mantis, Crane, Monkey and Viper — Po protects the Valley of Peace from emerging threats and fierce new villains!

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When Master Chao arrives to oversee a tournament, Shifu is convinced that Po and Chao want him replaced. Then Shifu’s old enemy Pai Mei shows up and threatens to destroy him.

Master Yao returns to the Jade Palace to offer a one-day “Wonder and Wisdom Exchange.” Anyone who brings him a new wonder will be allowed to ask him a single question.

Po saves a girl from some bandits, only to learn that she’s engaged to be married to the Dragon Warrior.

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During a fight with Tong Fo, Po is struck by lightning, which gives him the power to read minds.

Episode 05 - War of the Noodles
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Thanks to Po, Hundun opens up his own noodle shop in the village, threatening to put Mr. Ping out of business.

Episode 07 - Mouth Off 
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Shifu suggests Po takes a vow of silence to help him focus, but his plan goes awry when the panda starts an armed conflict by keeping his mouth shut.

Episode 08 - Serpent's Tooth NEW
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Once deemed a hero, cobra Fu-xi has turned renegade and is attacking the Valley of Peace. When the villagers adopt an anti-snake sentiment, will Viper help stop Fu-xi…or join him?

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