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Supa Strikas HINDI Episodes [720p HD]

About the world's greatest football team. Despite their enormous talent, the players must adapt in a game where being the best is only the beginning, and where the opposition is always full of surprises.

Season 01

Episode 01 - Dancing Rasta On Ice 
Wearing the captain’s armband is a great honour for Dancing Rasta, but after a fall in the Himalayas, he is concerned about his leadership abilities. A kind monk nurses Rasta back to health, and teaches him the importance of leading with the mind as well as the body!

Episode 02 - Cool Joe Looses His Groove 
Funky Cool Joe gets into the rhythm before every game with his favourite song. But when the evil Toni Vern switches his record, the star player can't understand why he's useless on the field! Shakes puts his friend on the case, but will Spenza PI solve the mystery in time?

Episode 03 - The Lost Star 
On a trip to Rio to play Brazilian masters-of-flair, Clube Palmentieri, Supa Strikas are demolished in a "friendly" beach game. The only person who can help them is a legend of the game... who has been missing for thirty years!

Episode 04 - Compound Compromised 
The beautiful cat burglar, Kat, is notoriously good at infiltrating high-tech buildings! Under orders from Strikas' arch-enemies, she plants a spy bug in the Secret Training Compound! How will the team be able to counter the cunning Invincible United in their upcoming game?

Episode 05 - Blasts From The Past 
Supa Strikas travel to Mexico to confront the biggest goalkeeper in the Super League. Shakes uncovers De Los Santos' past, and makes an amazing discovery in the big man's hometown: mysterious Aztec ruins... and the origins of the game itself!

Episode 06 - Between Friends
As Supa Strikas face Twisting Tiger's old team, FC Nakama, but Nakama coach Ura Giri releases a DVD of all Tiger's secret moves to punish him for leaving the team. Now the famous midfielder needs to find new moves... and fast!

Episode 07 - Instinct Extinct 
Pressure is on as Supa Strikas arrive in Spain to play Barka FC and star striker, Riano. But Shakes gets some training from Riano’s old Coach, Golare, which turns out to be less than helpful! Now, can Shakes forget everything he’s learned to overcome Barka in the big game?

Episode 08 - Big Bo Lockdown 
Big Bo helps local prison inmates by training their soccer team. But Knuckles, a nasty convict, looks just like the great goalkeeper and switches places with Big Bo! How will he escape in time for Supa Strikas’ epic game against the mighty FC Colossus?

Episode 09 - The End Of Dreams
After a mishap with the bumbling Professor, his coffee, and the state-of-the-art Match Measure Machine, things go horribly wrong with Shakes’ exercise plan! Though Coach warns him against it, Shakes steals the programme, only to get himself injured the night before Supa Strikas’ clash with the formidable Iron Tank!

Episode 13 - Ball Control
The countdown to the Super League Final has begun! Supa Strikas will fight their old rivals Invincible United. But the deceitful Vince smuggles a remote-control ball into the stadium on match day! Supa Strikas will need the help of Spenza PI to get to the bottom of this trickery!

Season 02

Invincible United’s unscrupulous striker, Skarra, kidnaps the Professor and forces the fitness genius to help him outdo his enemies. Now Supa Strikas come up against a frighteningly super-sized opponent! Shakes must have his wits about him to figure out how to overcome this giant!

Supa Strikas are annihilated by Orion’s amazing airborne moves. Coach takes them to a space facility to train in a magnetic levitation chamber. But Supa Strikas get more than they bargain for when an evil henchman blasts them into outer space on a shuttle test flight!

Rival team, Invincible United, orchestrate a fan ban for upcoming Supa Strikas matches! El Matador doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but come crunch time, he cannot perform in the empty stadium! Will his biggest fan be able to save the day?

Episode 06 - Amal's Three's a Crowd 
Supa Strikas get the fright of their lives upon hearing that Sultans have signed famed triplets, the Amal 3. They are said to have a psychic connection that cannot be beaten! Now it’s up to Cool Joe to figure out whether the Amal 3’s gift is fact... or fiction!

Episode 07 - Bad Altitude
Supa Strikas are to play the notorious Iron Tank at their stadium high in the Alps. Because of the altitude, Iron Tank remains unbeaten on home ground! To Coach’s dismay, Shakes and North Shaw struggle to acclimatise, and are sent on a mountain adventure to adapt to the altitude!

Episode 08 - Blok/Attak
The Blok, Supa Strikas defender, speaks only his native Brislovian. Evil opposition coach, Toni Vern, unnerves him by recruiting his brother, Attak. But Vern invents a collar that allows Attak on-the-spot language translation! The plot thickens when Blok receives a similar device... which is secretly controlled by Vern!

Episode 10 - Hypno-Test
The most prized artifact in Supa Strikas' club history is the Secret Training Manual. The book travels to the Museum of the Beautiful Game in Los Angeles, where Supa Strikas are set to play FC Technicali. But Shakes uncovers a nefarious plot involving hypnosis... and their own training manual!

Episode 11 - Big Bo, To Go
When Big Bo loses his memory in a nasty fall, opposition team, Cosmos, waste no time ensuring he won’t make it to the upcoming match. Now Shakes must conquer Bo’s incredible home training course to discover the big man’s whereabouts!

Episode 12 - Beautiful Gaming
Hack,a pro in the video game"Super League 3000X" has won the grand prize in the Super League 3000X competition----traveling with Supa Strikas to their next match in Japan with Nakama! In Japan, Supa Strikas` coach got kidnapped by Ura Giri, the Nakama`s coach. While Hack ran away because Supa Strikas didn`t really gave him a good welcome. Now Supa Strikas have to find Hack back because he holds the key to beat Nakama.

Episode 13 - Bringing Down The House 
In a provocative move, Vince buys Shakes’ childhood community centre! During a televised interview, Skarra impulsively agrees to play Shakes for the beloved grounds. But Supa Strikas aren’t up against any old team. They now face a team of the Super League’s best players... and The All Stars are unbeatable!

Season 04

Episode 01 - Field of Vision NEW
Toni Vern replaces El Matador's glasses with virtual reality ones in order to distract him by making him see things that aren't real. This makes his teammates think he's crazy.

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  1. this show is awesome please make new episodes of supa strikas

  2. Can we get more episodes of this and Extreme Football aswell?

  3. Can we get more episodes of this and Extreme Football aswell?

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