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New Episodes

Doraemon is a cat from future sent to help Nobita,a boy who is always in trouble for no fault of his own.As with any good friend,Doraemon accompanies his buddy to baseball practice and sits by his side as he tackles with his homework.Whenever Nobita is in trouble,Doraemon reaches into his fourth dimensional pocket and pulls out a gadget to help him.Somehow though,the gadget always seems to put Doraemon And Nobita into a bigger mess than they already were in.

  • 2014 (2005 Series) Episodes

Episode 21 - Friendship Circle 
Episode 22 - Slow Ya Fast 
Episode 23 - Biscuits Khana Mana Hai 
Episode 24 - Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni 
Episode 25 - Hello,Space Alien! 
Episode 26 - Dandelion! Goes To The Sky 
Episode 27 - Dictator's Switch 
Episode 28 - Nobita Aur Shizuka Aapas Main Badaal Gaye! 
Episode 29 - Aaj Hum Jayenge Future Main 
Episode 30 - Nobita Ka Sabse Aacha Dost Kaun Hai 
Episode 31 - Shadow! 
Episode 32 - Woh Sundaar Laki Kaun Thi ? 
Episode 33 - Nobita Ka Test!
Episode 34 - Nobita Bhi Naa !! 
Episode 35 - Darawni Kahaniya! 
Episode 36 - The Bowing Grasshopper 
Episode 37 - Bechara Nobita ! 
Episode 38 - Dost Bananna Abb Hua Aasan! 
Episode 39 - Hamara Bechara Nobita ! 
Episode 40 - Kahani! Lion Mask Ki 
Episode 41 - Nobita Mom Se Bahot Der Door Rha
Episode 42 - Sab Log Baan Gaye Hai Pathar Ke! 
Episode 43 - Honest Tarou!
Episode 44 - Garmi Mein Bhi Padd Rahi Hai Barff! 
Episode 45 - Nobita Ki Baseball Practice
Episode 46 - Mushkile Hain Ki Khatam Hi Nai Hoti 
Episode 47 - Mom Ne Saab Gadbad Kardi! NEW
Episode 49 - Hamara Ghar Baan Gaya Ek Hotel! NEW
Episode 50 - Dad Ko Hogaya Aaj Zhukaam! NEW   
Episode 51 - Alladin Ka Chirag! NEW   
Episode 52 - Nobita Mein Aa Gayi Bug Ki Takat! NEW   
Episode 53 - Saab Kuchh Bahot Romanchak Ho Gaya NEW     

  • June 2013 Episodes -
Episode 121- Aaj Hum Jayenge Mirror World Me !!!!  
Episode 122- Memory Excavator VideoCam

  • January-May 2013 Episodes

Episode 102 - Boomerang Spray
Episode 103 - Life Of Preservation Lite
Episode 104 - Councelling Note
Episode 105 - Interest Disk
Episode 106 - Micro Flash
Episode 107 - Nobita Aur Ushivatamaru
Episode 108 - Switching Mirror
Episode 109 - The Scary Batch
Episode 110 - Hideaway Spray
Episode 111 - Alladin Lamp
Episode 112 - Bad head Band(Nobita Banega Bura Ladka)
Episode 113 - Guard Medal
Episode 114 - Everything Overbowled
Episode 115 - Nobita Mila Daadi Ji Se
Episode 116 - Nobita Doraemon Se Kaise Mila ??
Episode 117 - Nobita's Blue Bird
Episode 118 - The Acting Batch(Nobita Bana Cindrella)
Episode 119 - The Award Presenter
Episode 120 - The Campaign Car
Episode 136 - Future Four Wheels 
Episode 137 - Termite Bug 
Episode 138 - Doctors's Bag
Episode 139 - Happiness Insurance Machine 
Episode 140 - Nobita Mila Ghost Se 
Episode 141 - Anger Storage Battery 
Episode 142 - Confession Hat 
Episode 143 - Fictional Characters Egg 
Episode 144 - Nobita The Angel 
Episode 154 - Mind Changing Round Fan 
Episode 155 - Time Room 
Episode 156 - Flower Board 
Episode 157 - Doraemon DoraCakes Se Darne Laga? 
Episode 158 - True Intension Signal 
Episode 159 - Time Made To Order 


  1. Well, I can sure say this is NOT of 2005 anime series.. this is episode no, 1707-1711 of 1979 anime

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  3. these episode's are the season finale of 1979 anime. 2005 one will be in 2013 on tv. rename your post with 1979 season finale episode and put 2005 one coming soon in 2013.

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    1. Some Guys Are Contributing Us We Too Have New Episodes Check These
      Episode 123 - Cat Scraddle Tricks NEW
      Episode 124 - The Grasshopper and the Ant Batch NEW
      Episode 125 - Virtual Reality TV NEW
      Episode 126 - Jungle Safari SubEp1 NEW
      Episode 127 - Jungle Safari SubEp2 NEW

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  22. In which episode of doremon nobita breaks flower pot by mistake and old lady thinks his father had done?
    Episode starts with doremon showing nobita a glass gadet through which we can see what thing looks like certrain time before in past. nobita mother scolds him for breaking flower pot. But using glasses doremon finds she has brokem the pot herself. nobita goes 30 years back to find why his dad is upset when his mother breaks flower pot and scolds nobita for it. His dad then takes him to a house where a old lady is gardening and says he used to visit her 30 years before when he was of nobita's age but doesnt wants to meet her again. Nobita goes 30 years back to find what happened and accedently breaks flower pot and the old lady thinks his father has done. then he again in present time sits with old lady and shows her his father through same glass setting it to 30 years back. she regocnises him and says she is sorry for not trusting him he didnt break the pots.

    1. i have seen the episode but dont know the name

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    1. These Movies Haven't Released In INDIA ... We Would Add Them When They Do Release!

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    1. We Can't Say Which Movie Will Release When ? But You May Expect A New Doraemon Movie This MAY,2014 !


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