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Zatch Bell! HINDI Episodes

Kiyomaro Takamine is a brilliant junior high school student, so smart that he does not fit in with the other kids in his class. One day, his father sends him a strange red book as a birthday gift, and tagging along with it is a mysterious young boy, Gash Bell. Every 1000 years, a great battle is held to determine the next King of Demon World.

Kiyo is on the way to school with Zatch when they notice a lake has been frozen. Kiyo notices a man named Hosokawa holding a light blue book with a child named Reycom. On the way home, Kiyo notices Suzy on television in the middle of a bank robbery committed by Hosokawa. Kiyo, hesitant to help her, is persuaded by Zatch to save Suzy. Kiyo bikes there and he and Zatch are launched from a bike into the bank. Kiyo attempts to get Zatch to fire lightning by reading "Zaker" from Zatch's book but nothing occurs. Hosokawa demands Kiyo's book and threatens to shoot Suzy. Kiyo wanting to save Suzy, shouts "Zaker" and Zatch simultaneously fires lightning from his mouth causing Hosokawa and Reycom to fly out of the bank. At home, Kiyo realizes the book responds to the user's emotions. Kiyo realizes Zatch has become stronger and notices another page of Zatch's book has become read-able. 
At school, the bank incident causes Kiyo to become popular with the students. On the way home, Kiyo and Zatch are attacked by Hosokawa and Reycom. Hosokawa reveals that he wants to use Zatch's powers for his own gain. In the midst of the battle, Kiyo is frozen to the ground. Hosokawa takes Kiyo's book but is unable to read it. Hosokawa grabs Zatch and attempts to fire a "Zaker" at Kiyo but nothing occurs. Kiyo realizes that only the people chosen to read the book are able to cast the spells. Zatch manages to retrieve and return it to Kiyo. Kiyo reads the second spell "Rashield" which summons an electric shield from the ground. The shield catches Reycom's icicles and reflects it back towards him. One of the reflected ice shards comes in contact with Reycom's book causing it to burn. When the book is burned into ashes, Reycom disappears along with it.

Summer Break has begun for Kiyo but he has to fulfill promises he made to people; the promise to help perfect an invisible pitch, catch 500 fish, hunt for a dinosaur, and helping create contact with aliens. With Zatch's help, he is able to fulfil the promises quickly. The next day, Kiyo goes with his class on a camping trip and Zatch secretly follows him. After cooking curry with his friends, the camp ends in an explosion of fireworks. The next day, Suzy wins a trip to Hong Kong and Kiyo and Zatch are on plane on their way to England. Zatch's is seen stowed away on the plane heading to England. 

Episode 24 -Apollo,The Free Traveler Part 1
After Zatch and Ponygon damage the gate in front of Kiyo's home, Kiyo goes to the store to buy supplies to fix it. While there, Suzy is almost hit by a car but is saved by a stranger and his Mamodo. Kiyo follows him and realizing that he's a good person, decides to avoid a battle. The stranger reveals that he knows Kiyo is a book owner. They talk and Kiyo learns that Apollo and his Mamodo is Rops have been avoiding battles whenever possible. Apollo becomes interested in Kiyo's story and challenges Kiyo to a battle. Apollo tells Kiyo to meet him in two hours with his Mamodo. Zatch when unable to fix the broken gate himself, runs away and wonders whether he should return to the Mamodo world as he is just a nuisance to Kiyo. Zatch meets Lori who reminds him of his goal to become a kind king. Kiyo finds Zatch and they begin their battle with Apollo. Apollo gains the upper hand when he knocks Kiyo's book out of his hands and threatens to burn it. 

Episode 24 -Apollo,The Free Traveler Part 2
Apollo allows Kiyo to retrieve his book and warns Kiyo he will not hesitate to burn his book. Kiyo attempts to use "Bao Zakeruga" but nothing occurs once again. Kiyo begins to lose hope but Zatch's word return Kiyo's confidence. When Rops is hit by "Zaker", Zatch asks him what kind of king he will be and Rops shows his scarf to Apollo in reply. Apollo reminisces the origin of the scarf and the time his first meeting with Rops; a country has closed itself off from the outside and Apollo who is travelling the world is unable to leave. Apollo meets some kids who are taking care of Rops and asks them for directions out of the country. Apollo led by kids of the village lead him to the country's boarder but a gate blocks the exit. Rops' book glows and the kids give Apollo the book. When Apollo reads a spell, Rops is able to bring Apollo over the gate. The kids decide to give Apollo Rops and gives him a scarf. Apollo realizes that Rops wishes to be a king of freedom and uses his strongest spell against Kiyo. Kiyo counters with "Bao Zakeruga" and they both become immovable due to exhaustion. That evening, Apollo continues his travels around the world.

Episode 26 -A Day With Zatch
Zatch is out playing when Naomi chases him down and steals his lunch. Zatch distraught over the loss is comforted by a giant old woman. The woman reveals her name to be Nana Boba and proceeds to tell Zatch she is searching for the Hiromi, the soon to be wife of her son. Zatch volunteers to help her and suggests searching her son's house. There, Zatch catches Hiromi's scent and tracks her down. Zatch asks Nana what if Hiromi was someone who wore cheap jewelry and a short skirt, she would beat her up. Zatch spots Hiromi and tells Nana. He then notices the jewelry and short skirt, tries to hold Nana back. When Hiromi enters a bus, Nana runs after it and Zatch tries to stop her. Zatch soon crashes into the bus when it suddenly stops and loses consciousness. When awaken, Zatch sees Nana give Hiromi her old wedding ring and wishes her well. Zatch realizes that Nana was joking about her threat and that she knew her son would choose a good wife.

Episode 27 -Danny Boy Part 1 Part 2
A Shemira sculpture is coming to the museum and to describe art to Zatch, Kiyo tells him to imagine a delicious yellow-tail. Meanwhile, A Mamodo named Danny and his book owner Mr. Goldo are delivering the sculpture. Danny meets Zatch while buying fish and fights him thinking Zatch is after his book. Danny stops when Zatch tells him he is at the museum to see the Shemira sculpture. Danny decides show Zatch the sculpture and returns to Mr. Goldo only to find out the sculpture has been stolen by a gang. Zatch follows them through their scent and leads them to a ship. Zatch then gives Ponygon a memo to give to Kiyo. Zatch, Danny, and Mr. Goldo infiltrate the ship. Mr. Goldo is held hostage by the gang but Kiyo arrives and saves him with Zatch's "Zaker". Once the gang has been apprehended the gang leader attempts to use a truck to escape. He crashes and the cargo falls into the car containing Danny's book and the Shemira sculpture. Danny manages to hold up the cargo and asks Zatch to destroy it. Zatch does so and the sculpture is saved but Danny's book is burnt. Before disappearing, Mr. Goldo heals Danny with the spell book and congratulates Danny on a job well done.

Episode 29 -Amusement Park Battle 
Zatch and Kiyo enter the amusement park. Meanwhile, two Mamodos and their human partner reminisce on how they became allies. Outside, the Mamodo decides to destroy an amusement park ride but is interrupted by Zatch's "Zaker". Kiyo leads the enemy to an empty part of the park. The pairs  Lupa and Purio and Hige and Zoboron overpower Kiyo with their teamwork. Kiyo in the midst of the battle, tells Zatch to fire "Zaker" into the sky. As Kiyo and Zatch are about to be defeated, they are saved by Megumi and Tia's "Ma Seshield".

Episode 30 -Zatch and Tia: A Fierce Combination 
Zatch is still paralysed by Purio's poison gas attack. With Tia managing to hold off the attacks, Kiyo gets an idea. Using Purio's slime as glue, Kiyo attaches Zatch to Tia's back allowing Zatch to move and attack. They manage to defeat and burn Zoboron's book. Purio who gains a new spell, uses it to create a smokescreen and escapes. Kiyo, Zatch, Megumi, and Tia spend the rest return to the amusement park. Kiyo asks Tia what Zatch was like in the Mamodo world and Tia replies that she does not know Zatch's family. Later, Megumi takes Kiyo with her to leave Tia and Zatch alone to allow Tia to give Zatch a bentō she made for him. They continue to spend the rest of the day at the park.

Episode 40 -Invincible Kanchome
After being severely injured by Bago, Folgore and Kanchome retreat. Rushka arrives to try Kanchome and her sheep but is kicked by Fredo. Kanchome seeing Rushka regains the will to fight. At that moment, the book glows and Folgore is able to read the third spell, "Dika Poruk". The third spell causes Kanchome to seemingly become an invincible giant but in reality, a hologram of Kanchome is actually being projected. While Bago and Fredo are distracted, Folgore runs through fire to reach Fredo. Folgore is able to grab and burn Fredo's book. After Kanchome says goodbye to Rushka and everyone at the circus, he and Folgore end up at a harbor. Kanchome seeing candy aboard a boat, boards it. At that moment, the boat heads towards the South Pole with Kanchome on it.  

Episode 42 -Coldhearted Foes
Zatch has a fever but decides to accompany Kiyo to school anyways. Kiyo and Zatch get into an argument and Zatch collapses from the fever. After placing Zatch in the care of the school nurse, Kiyo finds Apollo at school. Apollo tells Kiyo that after Rops' book was burned, he became the president of his father's company. He then reveals that the Mamodo who burnt his was someone that resembles Zatch. He reveals that in Holland, the Zatch look-alike ad his partner Dufort mercilessly defeated them in battle. Apollo reveals that the Zatch look-alike's name is Zeno. Kiyo promises that he will defeat them for what they done to Rops. Zatch wakes up from a nightmare about Zeno and visits Kiyo who tells Zatch to become a kind king. 

--Season 2--

Episode 87 Save Koko! Sherry's Dioga Gravidon! 
Zatch's "Bao Zakeruga" breaks through Zofis' strongest attack and injures him. Kiyo prepares to finish Zofis off with "Zakeruga" but is interrupted by Sherry and Brago. Sherry and Brago demand Kiyo and Zatch to leave Zofis to them. Zofis uses an attack that causes explosive energy to rain from the sky. While hiding, Sherry reveals to Kiyo about her friendship with Koko. They then compromise on who fights Zofis; Sherry and Brago will fight Zofis alone, if they are defeated, then Kiyo and Zatch will intervene and defeat Zofis themselves. Sherry and Brago gain the advantage against Zofis. Zofis attempts to use Koko to break Sherry's determination by ordering her to reveal the heirloom. Sherry tells Zofis the heirloom is a fake, to which Zofis accidentally confirms to be true. Zofis then orders Koko to jump into the magma, forcing Sherry to save Koko. As Sherry saves Koko, Brago and Zofis's strongest spells collide.

Episode 91 - Naomi's Evil Plot 
After Kiyo goes to school, Zatch volunteers to do the shopping for Kiyo's mother. Ponygon accompanies him, and on the way, he notices that the park has become a mess. One of the playground children notices Zatch and tells him it is his fault. Zatch presumes Naomi has plans to take over the park. Zatch and Ponygon follow Naomi to a department store to find out her plan. They meet Tia, along the way, who joins them. After buying some products, Naomi realizes she has been followed, so she tells one of the employees that Zatch, Tia, and Ponygon are lost children. The three are then chased down by store employees who want to take them to the lost-child centre. They later meet up with Kiyo and Megumi. Zatch heads to the park and confronts Naomi. Using the things she bought, she defeats Zatch. Zatch prepares to go home and finds out Naomi has cleaned the park. Zatch arrives home and everyone is dismayed when Zatch confesses that he forgot to go shopping. 

Episode 94 - The Door to a Different World! Brago vs. Zatch 
Sherry reveals that Nicholas and Majirou attacked first. In a flashback, Brago calls Nicholas and Majirou weak and leaves, but counters when they attempt to attack him. Zatch angered by Brago, begins their battle. Zatch is at a disadvantage against Brago. Zatch uses "Bao Zakeruga" and Brago uses "Dioga Gravidon". Elsewhere, the Mamodo who made the announcement has been absorbing energy from the battle, and once there was enough energy, he opened a portal and dragged Kiyo, Zatch, Ponygon, Sherry, and Brago into the structure. The Mamodo who made the announcement reveals his name to be Maestro and reveals to Brago they are in the In-between World, a world between the Mamodo and Human world where Mamodo criminals are placed. Kiyo, Zatch, and Ponygon elsewhere also learn where they are, from a Mamodo in a nearby village. Maestro reveals a way for Sherry and Brago to return to the Human world and asks them to follow him. 
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