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Max Steel HINDI Episodes

16-year-old Maxwell "Max" McGrath is thrown into a new life after moving with his mother to the small city of Copper Canyon. There he meets new friends, bullies, and super-villains hunting him down for a power inside him called TURBO energy. Max must now join N-TEK, a secret organization his late father Jim

McGrath started, to defeat Trans-Human Industries from taking over the galaxy with their sinister leader Miles Dredd. Max's powers are hidden from the public and regulated with the aid of his Ultra-Link friend Steel, who is a project of his father, to prevent his powers from going critical. During battle, Steel transforms into Max's multiple armors for whatever terrain battle is present. Along the way, with the aid of N-TEK led by Max's uncle Ferrus, both will uncover the mystery behind many of Steel's past and what really happened to Max's father, Jim McGrath.


Episode 01: Come Together - Part One
When Max moves to a new town, he discovers he can release a powerful energy called Turbo Energy. He is then found by his Uncle Ferrus, who is part of a secret program, who tells Max his father Jim and a person named Miles Dredd also worked there before their deaths from an explosion in the lab. The last thing Max's dad worked on was an old machine, but it doesn't work anymore. But then Max reactivates it with his Turbo Energy, and the alien known as Steel morphs with Max, now allowing him to access his alter ego, Max Steel. Meanwhile the villain's minion sends out a Fire Elementor to capture Max, and the episode ends with Max being thrown off a cliff by him.

Episode 03: Come Together - Part Three
Miles Dredd continues to hold Max captive, and Molly, Uncle Ferrus, Steel and N-Tek must save him. Steel flies through an air vent in the enemy's headquarters to find Max. Meanwhile Uncle Ferrus tells Molly if Steel doesn't reconnect with Max in 8 hours, Max's powers will overload and Steel will shut down. Miles reveals to Max that he was behind the explosion that killed Max's father and created a device to absorb TURBO energy, but the explosion permanently connected the device to Miles and damaged the storing function of the device. Max gets angry at this revelation releasing more energy, but Miles again absorbs it. The TURBO energy Miles originally absorbed from the explosion kept him alive for the 16 years until now. Finally Steel saves Max and the two fuse to escape, but Miles captures Steel and Max survives his fall 100 stories. He shuts Steel down, and hooks him up to a machine meant to kill everyone in Copper Canyons so Miles can gain more TURBO power from their devices feeding off each civilian. Soon N-Tek and Max invade the headquarters, faced with robots and Elementors. Max goes looking for Steel, runs into Miles' assistant, who transforms into a cyborg, but Max easily gets rid of him off the elevator. Max then rescues Steel, deactivating the machine and trying to fight Miles, but he just absorbs their attacks. Finally Max has an idea: he and Steel release all the TURBO energy they can, and as they fly to space with Miles, a huge explosion occurs. Molly starts to cry, but then sees Max survived. Reporters arrive at the scene and ask who the hero is, with Max and Steel replying conjointly forming the name "Max Steel." Ferrus asks Molly if they knew their existence was meant to be secret, and has her continue working at THI to sort the mess. In the aftermath of the fight, Miles Dredd is seen floating in space, but his assistant appears in a ship rescuing him, and they return to Earth. 

Episode 04: Cleaning House
After trying to do, and experiment to, clean every dirty bit in the planet, Dr. Xander is fired from THI by Max's mom Molly. To get revenge for his termination of employment, he transforms everyone in THI into a zombie-like creature. He returns to his lab with his goldfish Fishy, who he neuroticly converses with, and fights Max Steel. He transforms himself into a toxic radioactive beast, Toxzon, when he is knocked over and tries to get Fishy out of a toxic drainage filled with mutigen. Max Steel struggles but still defeats him to get the serum to cure the zombie-like THI people. Toxzon escapes when Max isn't looking and swears revenge on the world with Fishy.

Episode 13: Elements of Surprise: Part One
The scene opens up with Max and Steel doing a training session devised by Berto. At the end of it, Max realizes that he needs to improve his speed. Steel goes sneaking off and ends up trying to get answers out of the 3 captured Elementors about who he is and where he comes from. Dredd tells the last and most powerful of them all - the Air Elementor the secret location of N-Tek. He shows up and knocks N-Tek and Max around for a while. Max finally subdues him, but the audience later learns that it was his plan to get captured all along. Forge gets mad at Steel and orders Jefferson to throw him in the brig, but is interrupted by sirens & warning lights in the base. Air Elementor breaks out and than releases Fire, Earth and Water Elementors. Through an accident all four of them merge into one being, becoming Ultimate Elementor.

Episode 14: Elements of Surprise: Part Two
Ultimate Elementor escapes N-Tek and brings the captured Commander Forge to Dredd. Ultimate Elementor has a hard time controlling his body, as he is fighting with all the Elementors for control. Dredd is able to get the location of some kind of devise hidden at a Dam near N-Tek and sends Ultimate Elementor there to destroy it. Steel creates a new super Speed Mode for Max and together they are able to hold off Ultimate Elementor. Meanwhile Forge escapes Dredd and hooks up with Cat, Jefferson and Berto. Max Steel and Ulltimate Elementor battle it out in the Dam and Max Steel defeats him, but he escapes. The episode closes with Steel disclosing to Max that he may finally have all the pieces to the N-Tek's secret agenda puzzle. 

Episode 15: Driven
Extroyer's henchmen steal a package from a science lab and then park their car in a place where they sell preowned cars by accident. The next morning Max and Kirby buy the car and Extroyer's Henchmens start searching for the car. Berto turns the car into a Turbo Car and Extroyer's Henchmens kidnap Sydney. Max follows them while the old man that was checking how well Max can drive fell asleep. Max and Steel get Ultra-Linked and then they enter Extroyer's secret hideout and then Extroyer knocks Max Steel out. Extroyer says that if he doesn't give him the package, they will kill Sydney. Max gives the package to Extroyer and finds to their shock that it doesn't just carry animals' DNAS, but of the most dangerous and ferocious animals that exist in the world. He morphs into a black cobra and fights with Max Steel. Steel takes Sydney to a police station by using the auto GPS in the Turbo Car. Then Extroyer turns back to normal and when he was going to morph into a deadly saber tooth tiger, Steel drove over him and all the animal DNAS fell on him and he morphed into them all and then he turned big but failed to morph correctly which turns him back into his appearance as a deformed spiky creature with goop coming out of his body. Max, Steel, and Extroyer's henchmen ditch him. Afterwards Max earns his driver's license and he and Steel go on a drive, while Extroyer's henchmen go to Las Vegas.

Episode 25: Earth Under Siege: Part One Season Finale
Dredd creates a powerful weapons that will disable N-Tek's shield over the earth making it vulnerable to the Makino Invasion; Dredd and The Syndicate attack N-Tek HQ and plan on using the weapons to destroy Copper Canyon. Meanwhile, Ferrus and Molly finally tell Max and Steel the whole truth about his father and how he became the a hero so he could help N-Tek stop the other Evil Ultra-Links from destroying earth so their leader can devour it. In the end, the rockets Miles Dredd planned to launch on the N-Tek transmitters get destroyed, but they find out that Dredd planned it so he could use Max's own TURBO Energy against them so his ally, the Makino, could eliminate Earth.

Episode 26: Earth Under Siege: Part Two Season Finale
During their attack on Planet Earth; Ferrus explains to Max Steel of the upcoming Ultra-Link Invasion and their home leader, Makino. He says there will be more ships coming and that the attack they did was just the beginning, there will be more aliens and beings from outerspace who will come and try to invade Earth and prepare for the Invasion. N-Tek and Max Steel fight the Makino ship and some Evil Ultra-Links and Ultimate Elementor. As they enter the Makino Starship (thanks to Steel since he is Makino tech), Forge tells Max and Steel that Max's father bonded with Steel and became the other Max Steel they saw in space, and that he kept the truth from them because he didn't know if Steel would turn back to serving Makino. Then they found a TURBO Energy Absorbing Chamber and fought Miles Dredd in his new mode, Makino Miles Dredd Dark Mode. After beating both Max and Forge, Dredd asks Steel to join the Makino and he can get anything he wants. Steel tricked Dredd and then Max Ultra-Linked into TURBO Cannon Mode and knocked him into the Chamber since Miles Dredd's Evil Energy has a negative charge which will make the generator implode. Then Forge and Max Steel escape while the Makino Spaceship gets destroyed. On the way out, Forge tries to apologize to Steel, but then an Ultra-Link hunter eats his arm before he gets out. N-Tek defeats Ultimate Elementor and Berto gives Forge a robotic arm. Meanwhile, Dredd tells Makino that they lost the fight, but Makino is not disappointed because there will be more and not even N-Tek can anticipate it. 
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